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Iranian Mesh and Wire Production Group is among one of the first plants producing in the field of Steel bar welded mesh panels and fence welded mesh panels as well as wire rod industries in Iran. Since 1998, it has initiated its activity with the experienced engineers in the field of industrial machinery design and started to build the first Steel bar welded mesh panel in the country, and it has played a significant role in boosting the industry in the country as one of the founders of this industry.


Product Line

In 2017, this Group started to launch a new product line in the brand of ”Iran Hesar”. This product is a kind of fence steel welded mesh panels in various colors through the electrostatic method, which today is very popular in the world and it is hoped to be a good alternative to traditional fencing methods. Therefore, this group as one of the first producers of this product in the country has tried to prevent the import of this product and also provide the beautification of the cities.


Annual Output

This Group has an annual output of 20,000 tons of its products. In recent years, given that the equipped Stretching and Welding Laboratory and the cooperation with the reputable industrial universities of the country and also the obtaining of the certified Certificates accepted by the European Union (ISO 9001-2015 & CE  ) has been able to export its goods to neighboring countries and Europe.


Company’s Policy

The company’s policy has always been based on accurate quality control and the use of an efficient scientific workforce, and also the use of high-class national raw materials, which, in turn, contributes to the growth of employment in the country as the agenda of this company.

Other products of this plant can be mentioned a variety of traffic industrial wire and reinforcement wire rods.

Our vision is to supply the domestic projects, relying on the high quality of our products, and also take the market of this product in the Middle East by using good planning and perseverance.