Blacked Wire

The soft annealed wire rod, known in the market as the annealed wire, reinforcement wire, connection wire rod, or soft wire, is called Black Annealed Wire in Latin; this kind of wire rod is one of the most commonly used wire products that are widely used in various industries. This wire rode is available in sizes from 1 mm to 6 mm and can be widely used in the construction industry (especially for reinforcement), packaging industry, molding, and other industrial applications due to its double elasticity and tensile strength. The soft annealed wire does not break easily and is made to withstand pressure and environmental conditions, so the same advantages are convenient for construction, agriculture, and industrial applications.

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In order to produce this product, the wire rode 6.5 with a grade of 1006 is produced in certain thickness using the process of cold stretching. Then, in order to obtain the soft annealed wire, they should be placed in annealing furnaces at 900 ° C.