Iranian Mesh and Wire Production Group is among one of the first plants producing in the field of Steel bar welded mesh panels and fence welded mesh panels as well as wire rod industries in Iran.

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Fencing Mesh

Today, the use of this type of fence is very common due to its beautiful design and impossibility, and its high strength.

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Pre-welded Mesh

Longitudinal and transverse wire rods from 2 mm to 14 mm with grades of 1006, 1008, and 1010 in simple wire rode as well as A3 and A2 in a variety of ribbed round bars using Resistance Welding Method.

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Blacked Wire

The soft annealed wire rod, known in the market as the annealed wire, reinforcement wire, connection wire rod, or soft wire, is called Black Annealed Wire in Latin.

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Copper Coated Wire

Traffic Industrial wires of this product are made of simple wire rods with grades 1006 and 1008.

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